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Content on and within this page and other pages within this site contains information and discussions of childbirth, miscarriage, trauma, suicide, drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, racial discrimination, domestic violence, police violence, death and dying, mental illness and mental health crisis, child sexual abuse, eating disorders, and incarceration, which some readers may find triggering.

The aim of this site is to tell my experiences. I am not responsible for your reaction or resulting behavior in regards to any of the posts or comments on this site. The reading material is suggested for ages 18+


Food, drugs, sex, gambling, alcohol, caffeine, plastic surgery, shopping, all of the above – we’ve been there.

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing condition of compulsive seeking, despite harmful consequences and long-lasting changes to one’s life or body. So if we know there are consequences or long-lasting consequences, why do we continue doing it? This is where my journey begins. 

The pages that you are about to read are of my journey and start overs. My journey to figure out why I continue to eat my way through pain. Why I can’t let go of food. Why I used to use sex as a form of punishment to myself and why I find it revolting now. How my body is changing as I get older and how I still haven’t figured things out yet. The ‘whys’ and ‘what-ifs’ and the ‘should-haves’. 

I welcome you to this confusing shit-show called “The Starving Fat Lady.


Damaged Dysfunction Part 1

You can’t tell someone they did the best they could and now suddenly they are healed. I have to be able to believe it. No one lived my life with my children but me and them so to have someone say “you did the best you could” is not enough for me. But did I?…

Damaged Dysfunction Final

What comes with poverty? How does it affect families? I don’t know why I bothered with research when I already knew my answers. I guess I was looking for validation…

Addiction Is The Devil

I’d rather die with a burger in my hand and be 500 pounds than to allow someone to tell me what I CANNOT do with my own life.

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This page is made for the purpose of blogging and relating to people who may feel alone and struggling with the same things I do. Please use the resources below for help. You are NEVER alone.

National Suicide Prevention

P: 800-273-8255
W: Online Info and Help
C: Chat online 24/7

Mental Health

P: 1-800-273-TALK
P: Text MHA to 741741
W: Crisis Help W: Finding Therapy


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