Peace, Forgiveness, and Freedom

A fresh morning mist over the open field relaxes my eyes causing their lids to fall slightly. I take a deep breath and inhale as deep as my lungs allow. Breathing in the sweet, invigorating air is relief to my city-torched lungs. Gazing up, the Ponderosa touches the sky and towers over me as if to provide protection. A breeze lightly brushes its many branches and creates a lullaby of peacefulness with a very slow, sensual ‘whoosh’. I close my eyes and tilt my head up to the sky allowing the sun to blanket my face. In the distance, light chirps of two small squirrels break the silence. I slowly open my eyes and gaze out to the rippling water. The light breeze causes strands of hair to blow across my face, feathering across my lips. My ring finger removes the strand as I raise a glass to my lips taking in the sweet nectar of a strong red wine. The water glistens causing diamonds to dance and shimmer across the top creating an essence of romance and luster. Life. Is. Good. I can feel, see, hear, and taste the awe-inspiring warmth Earth has provided. The sight is picture perfect and God created. I don’t get many moments like this and when I do, fear dissipates and pain ceases. Peace fills me from the outside in and there….there I can see my soul. 

This peacefulness is something I want to share with you today. I want you to repeat after me, “Today I choose to forgive.” C’mon now, do it. Out loud. “Today I choose to forgive.” I’m not going to go religious on you. Just hear me out. Today, I will forgive the popular, great looking guy in grade school that teased me relentlessly for being overweight after he found out I had a crush on him. I forgive him not for him but rather for me. I say out loud (this is where your outside voice comes into play) “I will forgive because I will no longer allow the memory you created to control my freedom.” Exhale. Where once stood resentment now stands empowerment. 

I stare down at my hand to see a now empty wine glass. I bend down from my lounge chair to mend this issue. The day has disappeared too quickly. As the sun starts to set, where once stood a large brightness, is now a small yellow ball nestled in between mountain ridges. I finish my nectar and grab my belongings. As I head to the car I smile with excitement that I was able to write down every beautiful moment so that you, my dear readers, could bask with me in the remarkable feeling of freedom.