A Tid Bit About Me


Welcome! My name is Tonia. and I’m a 39 year old mother to three teenagers. 19, 18, and 16.

The end.

I’m kidding of course but this explains a lot. Some people with teenagers less than a year apart become raging alcoholics. Me? I became a raging eater. I’ve been heavy all my life but as an adult I’m struggling with obesity related illnesses. I’ve started this blog for many reasons. I want to share my dark depressions, my struggle with obesity and most importantly, I want to learn how to remove the mask in my life by opening up and finally being honest with myself. I also want you to know that you are not alone in your daily life struggles.

About me:  I laugh at funerals. I’m  very dramatic.  I’m loud and over-opinionated. I’m sometimes rude without caring. BUT! I’m also loving, caring, nurturing, and loyal beyond belief. So stick around. I may just grow on you.

Please feel free to share my blog, leave comments and/or feedback.

4 comments on “A Tid Bit About Me

  1. hi tonia. I just watched all your videos,and I laughed and cried and very much enjoyed them. First things first, I love you, and you are Beautiful. I admire you for putting yourself out there and showing the world you care, and want to help everyone, and yourself that is the first step of realizing you have a problem with eating. And I am proud of you. Hey those chopped almonds you can make a salad sprinkle them on there. boch choy is good steamed, some people boil it and make a spaghetti. Well got to go Love You!!!!!!


  2. I love this! Keep going, and I will keep reading. Looking forward to the next blog! 🙂


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