Just Like Starting Over

It’s been awhile. A long while. Disappearing is not the ideal way to start a blog, but this blog is built on my journey. My journey has been filled with ending old relationships, starting a new relationship, depression, overeating, and stress. Sound familiar?

My weight is back where I started before my weight loss journey. This makes me feel angry. Angry at myself for letting it get that bad again and angry that I’m starting over…..again. When I started my journey and lost 140 pounds, people would ask, “Do you feel any different?” Truth was no, not at the time. I didn’t feel any different than I did when I was larger. Or so I thought. After regaining, I feel it!! I now know how good I felt after my weight loss, even if I didn’t at the time. Gaining the weight back gave my body a shock. Parts of me hurt where they didn’t before, I cannot bend over without a cramp in my stomach, and I no longer enjoy life. When I walk into a restaurant, I’m in search of a table, no longer wanting a booth because I know I won’t fit into it…again. My fat stole my passions.

Truth be told, I crave my passion back. I deeply want my enjoyment of life again. I know how to get there so why can’t just do it? That’s where my new journey starts. Right here. Right now. I know this journey will be filled with failures and successes. I know that I’m going to give up sometimes. What’s important is that I’m true to myself so that I can be better for others. Here we go.