Survivor of Sexual Abuse

I smell propane. I see the pea green shag carpet. It reeks in here. I climb up the small camper stairs and into hell. I know he’s there. I know he approached my mother asking if I could come to his camper to help him clean. Why would she let a young kid come help this dirty, selfish, disgusting, devil? Help me.

This has been going on for years. Too many years. God, why so many? He used to come over late at night when both my parents were gone. Sit on the couch with me and “help” me with my scholastic while his hand fondled my breasts. I don’t remember anything past that. I don’t remember him leaving. That bothers me. It’s hard for me to make it make sense to anyone when I don’t remember all the details. All I remember is that….something happened. It’s more a feeling than it is a vision. Many years later, he was charged with sexually assaulting a handicapped, wheel-chair bound woman. Guilt still lives within me.

Reminisce with me. I’m five. I had a little friend in the trailer court we lived in. She was my only friend there and I adored her. She was raised by her father and I’m not sure where her mother was. One day, her father took me to the back of his trailer. There, he pulled down his sweat pants and showed me his penis. Remember, I was five. Tall enough to be face to penis. Darkness. I remember nothing from that point on. What happened? Years later this friend magically shows up in high school. The last time I saw her we were both six years old.  I approached her excitedly one day in the cafeteria. “Hey, (name)! How are you? I haven’t seen you in years!” Her reply still bothers me today. “Stay away from me, Tonia and don’t talk to me again” After that, I never saw her in school again. That reply left me with more questions than ever. Why would she not want to talk to me? We were best friends so many years ago and I don’t remember leaving on a bad note. What the hell happened?!

At 13 I was already out of control and a major pain in my mother’s ass. She sent me to group counseling with teens that were “just like me.” The groups were mixed with boys and girls and to this day I have no idea why, since a lot of us spoke about our past sexual secrets. After group, we would sit in the back yard while waiting for our parents to pick us up. One boy sat with me in the backyard. We talked for a few minutes then out of no where, he grabs my breast and runs. I had no idea what the hell to think. Another person saw what happened and reported it to one of the counselors. Before I know it, I am in a room with my mother, counselor, and two other adults. They were apologizing for what happened. I don’t remember too much of the conversation but they kept telling me how it was wrong and that they were going to change the way things happened there. Honestly, it wasn’t a big deal to me for whatever reason. I can’t even tell you why I felt that way.

Years of therapy and counseling have not brought out what happened to me as a child. These are only few of the instances I remember the most of. There are several over the years but I’m not able to lay them out to make sense. What I have learned is, it’s not OK. This is my body and no one is allowed to touch it unless I say it’s OK. I write these blogs in hopes that many of my readers can relate and perhaps heal with me. If you are being abused, speak out! I wish I would have. Perhaps I would feel a better sense of relief knowing that they weren’t doing it to anyone else. You too can take back control.

Need help?
Call 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.

2 thoughts on “Survivor of Sexual Abuse

  1. The mind can be a tricky thing the way it can repress some memories to horrific to deal with yet other memories stand out clear as day! You are a great writer and I love this post! Please check out my blog, you might find some things we have in common!


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